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Welcome to Mortgage Financial and the home page of The Bill Connolly Team.  We can help you with mortgages in Massachusetts or nearly anywhere else in New England (except Rhode Island).  We can assist you with your home loans, whether buying or refinancing a primary home, vacation or 1-4 family investment property on the South Shore or anyplace else in Massachusetts.  Please feel free to review our site for all kinds of information that will help you in making the right decision while financing a home.

It may sound corny, but, we love helping people make their dreams come true, whether that is buying their first home, getting into that vacation home or right-sizing into their last home.

Our goal is to provide the right financial solutions for individuals and families to assist in reaching not only their real estate, but, also your overall short-term AND long-term financial goals. These could be current and foreseeable lifestyle, education and/or long-term/retirement goals.

Our long-term goals are to: maximize your monthly cash-flow, minimize income taxes paid through pro-active income tax planning, and, maximize opportunities to save for future needs like emergency reserve savings, elimination of non-preferred debt, future education and/or retirement needs.

We believe that proper mortgage planning, not just applying for a loan, is extremely important no matter what phase of life you are in, first-time-home-buyer right through the time you buy your retirement home.  Mortgage Planning is a process...not a program or product.  The key is not to die or retire without a mortgage, but to live a lifestyle you want with financial security and comfort!
Bill Connolly
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

Bill Connolly
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
NMLS #48858
335 Washington St.
Norwell, MA 02061
Direct Line: 781-871-1970
Toll Free: 888-665-6345 x4111
Fax: 978-863-7250
Email: theconnollyteam@mfsinc.com
Website: www.billconnolly.com


Bill Connolly, License Mortagage Originator NMLS #48858
LendUS, LLC DBA Mortgage Financial
335 Washington St., Norwell, MA  02061
Direct:  (781) 871-1970
Toll Free:  (888) 665-6345
Fax:  (978) 863-7250